My name is Ashphord Jacoway (yes like Ashford and Simpson). As an Actor,  I am a shapeshifter. Many looks and one great personality! I have worked all over the country, and started my training in Theatre.  For the past two years  I have been building my resume and creating a place for myself within the independent film industry. It brings me joy to work on projects that have passion and heart, where everyone onset is invested.  I feel my resume truly reflects that.

As of late I have been taking Voice Acting and Hosting workshops to broaden my awareness as an actor. I write and perform solo shows through out the city when I need  a creative boost. So,  In short, here is a little bit about me:

I am Ashphord. Awesome.  A mover and shaker. An activist speaking freely. Shapeshifting. Changing, style, looks, hair, lips, but not my mind. Determened, yes, poetic, yes. Speaking in tounges long forgotten. If you cannot handle the new, the fresh, the bright, the door is to your right, behind me. For I soar and dream things others do not dare to breathe.

Are You Ready To Breathe Me?

For We are Destined to change Film,



Lets create art and get some good work done!!



Ashphord Jacoway was born in Pittsburg, CA and moved to Virginia at the age of twelve. She received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2010, where she studied Theatre and Political Science while working at Game Stop part-time.

After graduating, Ashphord moved to Los Angeles, to persue her interest in the gaming industry.  Her most recent claim to gaming fame is being crowned ‘Runner Up’ of OHMS Gamer Girl Contest and working on PlayStation’s The Tester 3. She is also a Founding Sister of Chocolate Covered Cosplay, a group of Black women dedicated to promoting the freedom to cosplay, no matter ones race or gender.

Ashphord’s experience extends beyond acting and sewing; she is also comfortable in different roles on the set and has served as a production assistant, wardrobe assistant, craft services specialist and as a 2nd Assistant Director.

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