Welcome to my work! If you a have already checked out my demo on the main page, the full videos are posted here for your convenience as well information on my Solo Performance work.  Feel free to browse around and enjoy.

Ashphord Jacoway Reel2013

Web Series Appearances

Click on the name to view the episode featuring Ashphord Jacoway.

Music Videos

City City “Promises”

All Of the Above-Directed by Meta Hara



Solo Performance

I Wish My Life Was a RPG

What was it like being a “nerd” before it was cool? To grow up loving anime and video games in a culture that did not accept or understand you? To be an outcast from your own race and all the damages, trial, and lessons that come along the way to finding yourself and loving your ancestry too?

Follow performer Ashphord Jacoway into a world of magic and wonder as we conquer cultural and social stereotypes, in and outside our community, and level up our confidence through poetry, spoken word, and movement. Though the piece specifically touches on African-American culture, the concept is relateable for any other minority: being a nerd was hard in America growing up, but times are changing and the time for geekdom is upon us!

This show has toured over the country including Washington, D.C. ,  San Diego during Comic Con, and Los Angeles’ own Nerdist Theatre at Meltdown Comics.

If you are interested in having  me perform, I require a 12’x12′ space/stage and a working sound system with a lav mic preferably.


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