Cosplay Artist

Cosplay Artist: “An Individual who shapes dreams into realities with the use of fabric and craftsmanship.”

I  enjoy Sewing , Geek Culture, and Acting , so I created a title to fulfill my creative outlet.  You can always find more  at Ashphord’s cosplay Facebook page or her group, Chocolate Covered Cosplay’s Facebook page.


“Ashphord ( ashi_chan) has performed, modeled and served on panels at many conventions all over the country, including New York Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, Katuscon, Anime Expo, Sakuracon, Pacific Media Expo, Anime Conji, Comikaze Anime on Display, Otakon, and Fanime.

Though she is most recognized for her role as the ‘garlic and peanut butter’ con-goer of season 5 of The Guild, she is most proud of her self-written Solo Performance piece ‘ I Wish My Life Was a RPG’. IWMLWRPG not only SOLD OUT at Anime Expo ’11, it also provided many words of comfort and triumph to nerds all over who just want to “be themselves” in a culture that has only recently made efforts to be more inclusive.

As an accomplished actress, Ashphord has performed all over the country. She and her costumes have been featured on web series such as Video Game Reunion and The Guild.”  -SarahTheRebel,


Cosplayer Nation with ‘Chocolate Covered Cosplay’ @ Anime Expo 2011

Anime-Expo 2011 with Ashy-chan interviews masquerade “I wish my life a RPG” POPShoCK


LA Weekly Arts and Culture Blog: Public Spectacle

Chocolate Covered Cosplay Debuts at Anime Expo, Next Stop San Diego Comic-Con

Chocolate Covered Cosplay is Nurturing Diversity in Cosplay

Tales of Real Otaku: Chocolate Covered Cosplay is Nurturing Diversity in Cosplay

Nerdy But Flirty

NEXT FRIDAY!! Ashi-Chan from The Tester Season 3 presents: I Wish MY Life Was A RPG… and other BlackNerd laments

Booth Modeling/Appearances

Looking to add a little something extra to your event? Why not hire a professional cosplayer? I will arrive in my own costumes and in character.

Choose an existing hand sewn outfit, or commission a new costume.
Base rate: $100
Contact Ashphord for availability.


Prices vary by difficulty and materials. Contact me for a quote.(2 week minimum notice. Any less results in an automatic $100 extra fee).


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